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It is moving, it is a roller coaster of emotions and it is inspiring. It is powerful. I read the book in a night and with a box of tissues.

My soul was moved. Need a book get this one. Need inspiration and motivation and positivity read this book!

Thank you Kristie Dean you are truly amazing

Emotional! My soul sobbed and yet reading your book completely last night, you have inspired me to help a friend. I'm buying this book for her. I need to keep mine forever. How you have remained positive and loving and caring is a wonder nothing short of a miracle. You have inspired me and I bet everyone that reads your story will feel the same.

Debbie M
Perth Western Australia

Kristie has lovingly crafted her memoir,not only as a powerful healing tool for herself but importantly - to help active and inspire others in their own healing.

Carolyn  T

​Perth,Western Australia

I AMNOW– A true and personal story

I AM NOW is a true Western Australian girl’s memoir, turning pain into power with raw survival stories, destined to touch the hearts of many.

Sharing memories of growing up in a small mining community in the Pilbara, and raised in a drug environment, Kristie was shattered by sexual and mental abuse at a very young age. This resulted in an intense awareness of her surroundings, and developing high sensitivity to the world around her.

Throughout Kristie’s inspiring life, she has survived several major car accidents, moved from the red dust to corporate Sydney, owned and ran her own successful business, battled cancer and lobbied the government for better access for fellow patients, and underwent intense IVF procedures.

Kristie believes in the amazing power of spiritual healing, and has shared her belief with many international students during her time offering homestay, guiding, mothering, and motivating them. She listens to her intuition and lives in the moment.

Designed for times when you seek your own personal guidance,

I AM NOW features Kristie’s signature tradition ,that will leave you feeling motivated, inspired, and understood...


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Hi Kristie, I was so inspired by your story that I am purchasing another copy for a very dear friend  who I know will also be inspired. Xx






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Well…. I just finished your book (in one 3 hour sitting) and I cannot stop crying. Your courage and honesty has overwhelmed me. I have had an insight into my own pain and the negative energy, I have been holding on to. I now understand that I have to open up to healing, to forgive my abuser and forgive my mum for not believing me



Omg you are amazing. I started my day with a cup of tea and your book, now i have finished your book with a glass of wine and love in my heart for you Kristie Dean. Well done you should be so proud of yourself.
I was so engrossed after the first 2 pages.

I just couldn’t put it down.

Amanda B
Perth, Western Australia



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Well what can I say ,I bought the book on amazon last night and read it in 4 hours and was not disapointed. When you think you know someone they come out and floor you.

Well written with qoutes that have changed the way I look at life and a change of attitude,positive is the way I will look at all challenges that come my way from now on.

Faruk S


Kristie received book in post yesterday thought I'd read a few pages excited to finally have your book. Half the book later, I reluctantly put your book down. What a refreshingly raw, truthful and captivating read so far. Can't wait to pick up where I left off later!

Adele C.
Adelaide Australia


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Kristie Dean is available as a keynote speaker, guest presenter, or trainer/facilitator.

Her speaking topics and Coaching and Mentoring include ;

• How to share the power of your own story and write a book.

• How she released and let go of past trauma, and turning hurt into power.

• The importance of healing sexual abuse and finding your voice.

• The power your mind has over your body, and her experiences from her cancer journey.

• Experiencing Ayahuasca (plant medicine) in the Amazon jungle.

• Feeling and connecting to your intuition/goal setting, and the power of manfesting .

• Experiencing gastric sleeve surgery, and personal stories of the struggles with being overweight.

• Listening to your intuition, living in the now, and trusting your lifes Journey.

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